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Top 10 Market Report - April 24th

04/24/2019 09:43

I'm excited to announce a brand-new report format today. The Lightning Report was just become too big and lengthy to handle. So, going forward, the Wednesday Mid-Week Update will become the Top 10 Market report where I cover the Top 10 coins by Market Cap. This will expand the Mid-week report and be a more focused report on the Major Coins.

Then for the Lightning Report, i will take the Top 10 requested "Micro-Cap" coins from you based on feedback in the comments. I will also add 5 coins of my choosing based on patterns I like or see potential in. I sincerely hope you like this new expanded format.


Each review by minute in video:

BTC  - 2:00

ETH – 4:49

XRP – 7:42

BCH – 9:26

EOS – 11:32

LTC 12:56

BNB 14:53

XLM 16:30

ADA 17:14

TRON 20:00

Summary 21:13 

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