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Peter Brandt's Crypto Update, January 30, 2020 Edition

01/30/2020 21:15

Happy Friday traders,

Here we have the video from Peter Brandt's premium weekly crypto report - typically for members only.

This report is being made public so that all can access it for free. See what Peter has to say about: the state of Bitcoin, the potential for exciting times ahead, his views on Bitcoin Live as a platform, and one of the majors he has his eye on.

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  • 0

    Thank you


    Submitted 7 months ago by Aime
  • 0

    Thank you Peter! I am excited for the future.

    Submitted 7 months ago by Bob
  • 0

    Clear unbiased analysis. It is quite an experience to learn from Peter Brandt. Thank you. 

    Submitted 7 months ago by Dobrosia
  • 0

    Thanks Peter. It's great to have people like you sharing your expertise with us.

    Submitted 7 months ago by Jordi
  • 0

    Thank's Peter. In reference to your symmetrical triangle possibility is it fair to say were seeing a massive bullflag development on the same chart?

    Submitted 7 months ago by Gkf
  • 1

    Peter what price is an entry on lite coin? 

    Submitted 7 months ago by Josh
  • 0

    Thanks, Peter. Looking forward to navigating this possible upcoming bull market with your insights :).

    Submitted 7 months ago by 98fJBzSsqHvDxL
  • 0

    18.5 BTC ! Good for you Peter! 

    Submitted 7 months ago by DaCrypto
  • 0

    Hey Peter, love the content man.  Do you take any money off the table at the 10.4k range since you expect to see resistance there?  Or you hold your same position based on the trend and chart models?

    Submitted 7 months ago by Hunter Tuscoon
  • 0

    Thanks so Much, really love looking long term, and I am LOL Long On Litecoin too !!!!


    Submitted 7 months ago by Wendell

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