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Multi-Coin Report - July 25th

07/25/2020 13:15

Starting with recent closed and current open positions.   ADA and ETH both longs and in great position. 

BTC Cycles picture.  Still a lot of side-ways consolidation and looking like we're seeing huge accumulation. 

We cover 40 coins in this report!   I'm trying to provide each of you with the most extensive service possible.  Each week I will focus on 20-25 of the top coins and then take 10 or so member requests from the comments section.  All coins appear in alphabetical order going forward.


ADA -  Covered earlier
BAND - STARTS at minute 11:35 - Extremely impressive chart, bullish.
BAT - Waiting for development.
BCH –  Bearish chart -
BNB - Good move higher.  Wait for new uptrend before long.
BRD - Developing well want to see mor epside 
BSV -  Avoid
CELR - New uptrend, buy the dip
COVA -  Avoid
COMP - Avoid - downtrend
CRO - Wonderful chart, bullish.  Possible buy.
DASH - Avoid
DGB - Possible Long trade
ENJ - Covered earlier
EOS –  Avoid
ETC - Avoid
ETH – Looks great.  Covered at start of video
FANTOM - New uptrend in play, could buy the dips.
ICX - Waiting for pullback
IOTA - Avoid
KNC - Wait and see could have short-term topped
LEND - Great uptrend.  Looking for long entry.
LINK - Waiting for another shot at a long trade
LTC -  Avoid
MATIC -  Good move. 
MCO - Avoid, downtrend
QTUM - Potentially breaking higher.
REN - Avoid short-term freefall
REP - Position trade long possible.  Nice uptrend
RVN -  Avoid - weak action
SNX - Great uptrend and candidate for position trade long
STRAT - Looks like it has broken out of a wide bottom channel.  Needs a little more.
TNT - Avoid
VET - Nice uptrend, looking for higher confirmation to go long
XLM -  Good breakout from wide bottoming pattern.  Want to see a pullback to consider a long.
XMR - Waiting for uptrend to develop
XRP –  Avoid - Although short-term traders could see a POP here -
XTZ - Nice longer term uptrend.  Looking for reversal first.
ZEC - Constructive action but needs more work to consider.
ZIL -  Avoid.  Big move is over.


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