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Multi-Coin Report - Aug 19th

08/19/2020 10:40

Caution on the Bitcoin Cycle now as we pass the half way mark of the Cycle.

I hope you enjoy this report.  Wishing you all the best.  The Multi-Coin Report begins at minute 09:30

ADA - Downtrend Avoid
BAND - Extremely impressive chart, bullish.
BAT - Waiting for development.
BCH –  Bearish chart -
BNB - Need far more work to be bullish
BRD - Developing well want to see mor epside 
BSV -  Avoid
CELR - New uptrend, buy the dip
COVA -  Avoid
COMP - Watching-
CRO - Wonderful chart, bullish.  Possible buy.
DASH - Avoid
DGB - Developing.  Possible Long in near future
ENJ - CAvoid
EOS –  Avoid - Short
ETC - Avoid - Short
ETH – Looks great.  Covered at start of video
FANTOM - Uptrend in play
ICX - Watching
IOTA - Avoid

KNC - Long in Play

KAVA - Buy the dip possibility

LEND - Great uptrend.  Long in Play
LINK - Waiting for another shot at a long trade
LTC -  Avoid
MATIC -  Avoid
MCO - Avoid
QTUM - Potentially breaking higher.
REN - Watching for new highs
REP - Position trade long possible.  Nice uptrend
RVN -  Avoid
SNX - Great uptrend and candidate for position trade long
STRAT - Bull trap - Avoid
TNT - Avoid
VET - Downtrend - Avoid until new development.
XLM -  Bull trap - Avoid.  Needs work.
XMR - Waiting for uptrend to develop
XRP –  Good development, needs more upside confirmation of new trend.
XTZ - Nice longer term uptrend.  Wait for confirmation of triangle.
ZEC - Constructive action but needs more work to consider.

ZIL -  Hold - Possible bottoming pattern

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