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Lightning Round - 10-31

10/31/2018 08:52

Lightning Round - Video Recap of Coin Analysis:


0:40 - Bitcoin Cash $BCH  -  Still in a downtrend and not looking positive.  Nothing to get excited about.   

1:40  - Bitcoin $BTC   -  Moving lower now, but still within no-man's land and need to break either way to be indicative of a trend.

3:06 - EOS  -  Still in a downtrend and breaking lower so this could continue lower. 

4:35 - ETC  - Very bearish and continuation lower in trend.

4:55 - Ethereum $ETH -  Looking bearish, but holding the line here so we should be cautious and avoid for now.

5:45 - GoChain $GOBTC -    - Solid uptrend and looking good overall.  Looking for a short-term reversal higher to look for a long trade.

7:05 - Litecoin $LTC - - Horrible looking chart and a massive downtrend.  This is a Short candidate. 

8:40 - Decentraland $MANA -  -  Long term holding up well and looks good overall

9:35 - OmiseGO $OMG  - - Flat and nothing exciting.  Avoid for now until we can see a bottom reversal and series of higher highs.

10:12 - $QTUM -  - Flat but still has potential.  Looking for a Swing Low and a move higher to consider another long trade.

11:03 - RavenCoin $RVN - Rolling over now so the long move up over the past month is probably over.   Still like it longer term.

13:32 Haven Protocol $XHV -  Had a good run that has pulled back and is consolidating.  I want to see a move higher to confirm the uptrend is back on the table. 

15:50- Stellar $XLM -  Love this one for the long term and want to hold it. 

16:40 - Monero $XMR -  Some caution in the short term, but I like the structure of the chart and believe it could move higher.  Still need upside move to buy it for a trade.  I want to own this for the long term.

18:00 - Ripple $XRP -  Looking good and holding up after that massive move last month.  This is not a short by any means, but still needs a fresh move higher for me to want to buy it. 

19:10 - Zcash $ZEC  -  Solid downtrend and bearish.  It has potential for form a bottom and new uptrend, but I am remaining cautious.

19:50 - 0x $ZRX -  I like this chart and believe it could have a lot of upside left.  Currently going through some back-filling and profit taking. 




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