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Ethereum (ETH): Take a Look at These Fractals

06/01/2018 20:00


Remember that not every triangle is required to have an abcde Elliott Wave sequence. Just because the pattern looks triangle shaped, doesn't mean it has to be EW compliant. This is why there are plenty of D wave breakouts. However, every now and then, patterns do become invalidated. The fractal boxes (yellow and magenta) can be observed for a repeat. In other words, the yellow box contained an upward pointing wedge in an uptrend that burst upwards prior to declining. We might have the inverse fractal of that in the magenta box which is an upward wedge that's occuring on a downtrend. IF price decisively breaches the magenta top trendline, the pattern could become invalidated.



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    I am sorry but I can’t see your videos, I have only sound.

    I am using a Apple IPad Pro and and iPhone 7 Plus.

    Your normal steemit Videos working fine.


    I know that Bitcoin.live is a new platform so I tell you the technical problems fast and hope you fix that really fast!


    All the best


    Submitted 2 years ago by Sven
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    And no picture on a MacBook Pro :-(

    Submitted 2 years ago by Sven
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    Yup, same here on Ipad and on my Mac Book pro


    Submitted 2 years ago by Cryptomizer

    Can you try it again? It appears to have been a problem on the video player server. 


    Submitted 2 years ago by Guest
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    Now it’s working on my iPhone thanks.


    Submitted 2 years ago by Sven
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    But I cannot change my account, I do not want to post with my real name.


    Submitted 2 years ago by Sven
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    And in my account your telling me that the next payment will be at 6. February 2019 but it should be June 2019.


    Submitted 2 years ago by Sven
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    Missing a support link/ button 

    Submitted 2 years ago by Sven
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    Will into these today

    Submitted 2 years ago by Bitcoin Live Support
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    same here concerning end of the plan... missing 4 months...

    Submitted 2 years ago by Sunkeeper
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    Guys I also use Macbook, and able to see the videos, you need to use Google chrome to load the videos.

    Submitted 2 years ago by Parvis parvizi

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