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Bitcoin Shows Life - Does the Primary Count Hold?

10/11/2018 16:00

The above video is from Haejin's update on 10/8/18. Below is an excert and clip from Haejin's Morning update on 10/11/18

After the late night drop in Bitcoin on the 10th, how does the Primary count hold?

Primary Count

I've labeled the final Z wave of the current WXYXZ correction as an Ending Diagonal. The 1,2,3,4,5 each subdivides into a three wave swing as shown by the red ABC. If last nights decline of 5% was the wave 3; then an ABC swing upwards is expected to place the wave 4 which should be at around $7.3k. The final wave 5 of the ED sequence is targeting that $5,200 to $4,700 level. This coming decline will freakout many so farming for cash in this one more upside as wave 4 could be a wise thing to do. This cash can then be redeployed at the lower levels. 

Could the decline just continue? Yes...






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