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Bitcoin Cycles Report - Public

08/26/2019 14:26

This video is from Bob's weekly Cycles report published for members of Bitcoin Live.  In these weekly reports Bob covers the Bitcoin Cycle from both the Daily and Weekly time perspective.  Sometimes Bob will go into the Monthly and 4-Year Cycle detail as well.   

In addition to this weekly video report, Bob publishes a weekly Top 10 Market Cap report covering the Top 10 coins by market cap.  And while the Alt coins are outperforming, Bob will also produce a weekly "Lightning Report" looking at micro cap alt-coin opportunities.  Bob and all the analysts also provide their trade ideas in real-time via the alerts feature.


If you enjoyed this content, considering joining Bob and all the other analysts of Bitcoin Live.  Use the Coupon Code  "Thanks10" on the checkout form to receive 10% off ANY of our membership options.  Here is the link to use:  Link to Checkout Form






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