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Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Family of 3s vs the Clan of 5s

01/14/2019 10:58

Primary Count

Note how the red (E) wave has the potential for a red ABC three wave sequence, as it should in an EW triangle. Each wave of the abcde sequence is composed of a three wave swing. Corrective sequences belong to the 3 wave family. 


However, what if an impulse is generated as shown by the white label. IF this occurs, then it clearly does not fit a subwave profile of a wave (E) of a triangle. Something else is going on. This distinction will speak volumes as to whether the primary will be in focus or the Alternate count as shown below. 

The Alternate count shows in microwave detail how the blue (1) and (2) waves are almost precisely jigsaw fitting the subwaves. This is quite impressive. So, the subwaves of blue (2)....could they be complete? Yes. What will give the earliest confirmation of this? IF the white impulse sequence occurs; hence stating that the family of 3s has been replaced by the Clan of 5s. 


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    Sr. Haejin podría actualizar XMR, ZEC y DASH, muchas gracias. Por cierto, podría recomendarme un libro que profundice en las diferentes correcciones que hay, sin más un saludo desde España.

    Submitted 7 months ago by Dustyn
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    Since I started watching your analysis, you keep changing your view of this correction, moving your analysis lower.  I realize you have no crystal ball, but from where you started to now, it's a disaster for most people with capital at risk.  Now you are showing a target of 2,350 instead of 2700.  I said when we reached your last target of around 3,000, you would then announce a lower low of 1,500, when is that coming?  This has been going on for many months.  We've been led to this point with your cycle analysis and ongoing updates to believe we should ladder in, and hodl. The drip drip drip lower has ruined a lot of people.  I have only laddered in once at 3,600, luckily.  I am hodling, but this is far riskier than I had ever imagined, and we're likely 6 months away from a reversal, in my estimation.  Do you disagree?

    Submitted 7 months ago by Rich

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