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  • What's the founding members discount for Haejins EW Classes?

    Submitted 5 months ago by Andrej S.

    Bitcoin.live email advertising for becoming a founding member:


    Only Founders will receive:
    A heavily discounted (Approx 50% off) and the same guaranteed Founding renewal price for life on our annual membership.
    A founding member badge on your profile seen throughout the website.
    Free entry (and first choice) into any onsite future event/conference we conduct or produce. We’re thinking about a Bitcoin Live annual conference and perhaps some big city tours.
    A discounted price to any online event we may host, which is not membership related or covered.
    Prioritized responses by our analysts.
    Separate (elevated) access to our support desk
    We will add more great analysts and features quickly, but price will never go up for Founders...ever.
    Essentially, first consideration for anything we do in the future.  You will always be our #1 member.


    So, what's the discoung for founding members?

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    Thats what i would like to know also.

    Submitted 5 months ago by Hgler3
  • 1

    So, can Founding members expect 50% of Haejins course (149/2 = 74.50)?

    Will we get an email, or in another way?

    Submitted 5 months ago by Niclas
  • 0

    I'm interested in the course too. Anyone recieve communication if there is a discount for founders? 

    Submitted 5 months ago by Carl
  • 2

    Hey Carl, Niclas, H3gler and Andrej,

    Email me at joe@bigleaguefinance.com  and I will handle this accordingly for founding members.  Yes, there is a discount.

    Submitted 5 months ago by Joe Begonis

    Do not all founding members automatically get informed about discounts?

    Only the ones who read this tread and sent an email to you?

    Email is easy to send, maybe there is no founding member email list or what would be the difficulty?

    I will wait for the information to arrive automatically

    , and i am very convinced I do not have to send an email to you and will recieve all new information on benefits and discounts for founding members automatically in my email like you would expect from a honest and trustworthy platform as bitcoin live after paying in advance for a year long 30% discounted subscription


    Submitted 5 months ago by Koert
  • 1

    Thank you for your response!


    I understand that bitcoin.live is STILL a new platform and not all systems are in place. I am glad you respond to our questions yet in the future it'd be even better if this would be handled AHEAD of time so that confusion is minimized.

    Email is sent, can't wait to find out what the discount will be and whether it will also be calculated for the RECORDINGS of the session.

    Thanks Joe, keep up the great work.

    Submitted 5 months ago by Andrej S.
  • 2

    Where are my founder member benefits/ and my access to all content????????????????????????????? Dissapointed to say the least.

    Submitted 5 months ago by Jose Barajas
  • 0

    Thanks for starting this thread. I'm not emailing anyone outside of the site because the web address can't be trusted. I'd also like to know what the discount is. 

    As well, I'd like to hear about the concerns I brought up in another thread regarding checking other members profiles. How can we connect if we can't actually see other people who have signed up? Are we not getting what you advertised. Is this really a lesson that has to be learned the hard way? 

    I already inquired about a refund so I guess I need to take my inquries to the State of New York. After weighing the emails, terms & conditions, and actual product I'm sure to get some answers. 

    Submitted 5 months ago by Matthew

    DAASNY contacted.


    Submitted 5 months ago by Matthew

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