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  • improve alert systems with a winning static

    Submitted 3 months ago by Tobias

    Hey Technical,

    analyst I am a person who likes to give constructive criticism to improve / optimize systems and projects.
    I think it's hard for many Bitcoin Live members to see an "alert" when "alerts" are posted daily or even every hour.
    This is too much in my opinion, we should specialize only in an "alert" to post if there is indeed a HUGE PROBABILITY. In addition, it would be good if there is a success statistics.There are technical analysts like sand on the sea, everyone says he is the best and can do something that no one else can BUT in the end, so that only a few people earn their money effectively, but that's what 99% people want.
    Facts that are right and that are sustainable!

    Currently I only see "alerts" daily and once every 2-3 days the trade is also posted and was successfully praised and celebrated. But no attention paid to how much FALSE ANALYZES were made.

    The statistics over the years of each analyst, so its rate of successful trades and its size, compared to the lost trades and its size, is WHAT REALLY COUNTS!

    We at Bitcoin Live should not be concerned with questionable analyzes that are highly speculative but with facts that are present. I do not want to address any trader directly, but if we apply the Pareto principle and remove 80% of the trades and focus on the 20% that matter, we could see a significant increase in quality.

    Best regards


    Masterclass Fractals alerts chart pattern

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