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  • Images are taking my browser hostage!

    Submitted 7 months ago by SeaOtter

    Thx for the site improvements so far. But...

    I am repeatedly frustrated by the fact that when I click on an inline image in an alert or a post there is no way to close it or navigate back to the post. The only way to get control of the browser is to hit the back button which takes you out of the post you were trying to read! 

    I don't know if it's related or not, but on my phone it is practically impoissible to resize images (via pinch to zoom). Image handling on this site is poor.

    C'mon guys, please?


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    Hi SeaOtter,

    Can you show me an example?  I just tested what you are taking about on my phone (Android) and pulled up several images from Alerts.  The image increases on the screen and then touched an area outside of the image and it returned to the alerts page.

    Happy to help you through this. 


    Submitted 7 months ago by Joe Begonis
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    I've just had the same problem and i've sent it to support. I was on the Analyst page and clicked on the alert graphs. I tested it on PC and Mac using Chrome. Any question let me know!


    Submitted 6 months ago by Oliver.lnf

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