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  • Dean's content

    Submitted 5 months ago by JeJames

    Hi Joe,

    first of all, I really enjoy your bitcoin live platform. It is great to see how professionals work and learn to understand their thoughts and strategies. I have already gathered quite an amount of new strategies from Peter and especially from Bob and Dean.

    The more I see from Dean the more I can identify with his style of trading. Most of the time he tells us about his entriy, target and stop levels, which is great to hear concrete values istead of just areas. However, most of the time I am missing the WHY. E.g. his last alert "$ETH $ETHUSD - Long here with Risk 167.00 H4 target TBD" does not tell me what the reason is for this trade. I see several reasons for this trade, but I am wondering which of them was essential for him. The WHY is the key for learning... I am also wondering about the r/r for this trade without a minimum target ;).

    I would appreciate it if you could ask him to try to add more of the WHY to his analysis.

    Thanks a lot and best regards


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    A very good example of explaining the WHY is Dean's analysis of Dogecoin https://bitcoin.live/blog/trading-dogecoin-entry-and-profit-targets

    Submitted 5 months ago by JeJames

    Hi JeJames,

    Some of these answers are going to come through Dean's Masterclass series that we are actively working on.  The rest, I am talking with him about providing more context in his alerts.  Dean has a unique approach to trading, compared to the other analysts - in fact he is teaching me a lot as well - As I begin to understand his approach more I can help formulate more clarity in his content. 

    I can say, he went long on ETH because of the candlestick setup - two inside candles.  

    More answers will come from the next Masterclass - Trading Discipine. 

    Submitted 4 months ago by Joe Begonis
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    Many people talk about following the money, and when retail start to buy and sell. Can you point me in the right direction of being able to identify this, by way of a different instument, chart or just some simple advice what you should be looking for?

    many thanks in advance if you could help.

    Submitted 4 months ago by Paul Spackman

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