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  • Haejin Lee

    Submitted 1 year ago by

    A message from the Bitcoin Live regarding Haejin Lee.

    If you were not already aware, Haejin Lee has decided he no longer wanted to be part of the Bitcoin Live platform.  There was no disagreement or falling out, and in fact this decision was Haejin’s alone as he wanted to form his own new paid service outside of Bitcoin Live.

    As a platform, we were only notified about this development 7 days ago, for the first time.  We tried to keep him on the platform, but he was already prepared to move on.  In the end, this platform is above any one analysts or personality.   We provided Haejin with the courtesy of notifying members that he was leaving the platform today.  Haejin offered to stay on two more weeks until the end of the month, but once it was cleared this would also involve in conjunction the promotion of a new service, we found this unfair to the spirit of the platform and to our members. 

    We understand that many of you appreciated Haejin’s work.  At Bitcoin Live, the goal of remaining the number one Bitcoin and Crypto focused trading and education service remains our priority and does not change.  With a solid core group of eight analysts and contributors, we remain the most respected service out there.  We also plan to add more contributors of world class standing soon, just as we did recently by adding Nik Patel.

    As always, we welcome and encourage feedback to ensure you have a great member experience.  Let us know how we can help.

    Risk Management

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