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  • Multi-Coin Report - Sept 20th

    Submitted 1 month ago by Bob Loukas

    Discussion created for Multi-Coin Report - Sept 20th

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    If we didn't get out of BAND when you said we ought to have, should we sell now or ride it out at this point? 

    Submitted 1 month ago by Sam Choi

    There is NEVER a right answer in this type of scenario.  Often when you finally make the choice to get out, it's when it turns.  But in theory or general, I always say get out of trades that are causing pain, live to fight another day.  OR AT LEAST use the lows set the past two days as a new stop point. 

    Submitted 1 month ago by Bob Loukas

    Wow, I have several positions like this! And correct, it ALWAYS seems when I get out, it turns into a V-shaped rally the next minute/hour/day! LOL. That said, I like the strategy of setting a NEW stop loss at this new low "set the past two days". 

    If it's NOT causing pain, @Bob, do you recommend to HODL positions here like BAND, LINK, KAVA, etc.? So many of these are now at the 61.8 or 78.6 Fib retracement where I would normally buy... so I'm thinking, might as well HODL? 

    The opposing view is, LINK and other quality projects could drop another 20-30% from here (on top of the already 49% correction from the top). So, cut bait? 

    Submitted 1 month ago by Ray
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    Hi Bob, any thoughts on the Uniswap token? Should we buy some early? 

    Submitted 1 month ago by BTC George

    I don't really trade those, not my style and too specualtive.  I like my trending assets.

    Submitted 1 month ago by Bob Loukas
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    Hi Bob,


    Would you consider adding some weekly analysis of the DXY to your Bitcoin Cycles report? 


    There seems to be a strong inverse correlation between both and I think many of us here at Bitcoin Live who carefully follow your posts and tweets would really love to hear your analysis on the dollar. 

    Please consider it. 




    Submitted 1 month ago by Mowgliasia
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    Thank your for MANA, this is my favorite project in the whole crypto industry! 

    Submitted 1 month ago by Fabrice
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    I've heard that stock prices typically drop coming into US elections - confidence is sucked out of the market I guess.

    We're already seeing drops in the S&P/DJ, so I'm feeling that we'll get a trend change - at least for a month.

    Submitted 1 month ago by David Hopkins
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    CROBTC just mega-wicked your stop on Huobi.


    Is it wise to re-enter?

    Submitted 1 month ago by CajunRoo

    Probably not, this is the problem with the crypto coins, in thin markets.

    Submitted 1 month ago by Bob Loukas
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    hi bob.

    ADA, stella (usd) chart, please. Thank you always for your help.🌪

    Submitted 1 month ago by Johnny hr
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    Heya Bob,


    Thank so so much for sharing your knowledge and experience, risk management and disciplined mentality needed for our journey to succeed. Your content  and manner of explaining are trully invaluable. I would like to know if you have any thoughts about the posibility and probability of a second liquidity event similar to the one we experienced in March this year.


    Many good vibez, much respect and appreciation sent your way!

    Submitted 1 month ago by Alexandru Mircea

    I think it is possible, at least a sizable stock market selloff.  I don't know if Bitcoin, Crypto, and Gold have to follow though.  Similar to 2008 drop versus the early 2009 drop, the 2nd time gold did not follow.

    Submitted 1 month ago by Bob Loukas
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    Hi Bob

    Can you pls check NEO chart please?

    Also 83,000 Bitcoin options expire Friday, September 25th , is that mean  can make a dip?



    Submitted 1 month ago by Ugur Eren
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    Thanks for taking a look at the request Bob!

    Best wishes

    Submitted 1 month ago by Adam Stronge
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    Gday Bob, hope you doing well mate.. 

    I know this is not crypto related but on twitter you posted silver chart and mentioned how bullish you were based on your experience in that space. 

    Any particular reason you think it won't break below $24.xx mark Bob? 

    Apologies, I am a learner, hence asking silly questions. And love your work buddy!


    Submitted 1 month ago by Kivaan Sid

    It can easily break $24.  Just a guide to show it likely drops into the Oct low.

    Submitted 1 month ago by Bob Loukas

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