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  • Losing a Lot of Money? Me too. – Views on the S&P 500 - BTC & Top Macros vs SmartMoney Algo

    Submitted 2 months ago by Mark Dukas

    Discussion created for Losing a Lot of Money? Me too. – Views on the S&P 500 - BTC & Top Macros vs SmartMoney Algo

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    I wish I had more shitcoin (fiat) to buy BTC now...

    Submitted 2 months ago by Rodrigo Lobo
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    Thanks Mark, 

    If we look at bitcoin's failure to be a store of value combined with its simplicity in comparison to other blockchains, ie, no smart contracts , slowness, etc, do you think it could lose its place as the number one crypto?

    Where do you see it's bottom? Also for the Dow and other markets?




    Submitted 2 months ago by Alexis James


    I mean saying it has failed as a store of value is a subjective opinion. I personally feel it has a store of value at this point in time. Do I have to use a long term time horizon? Yes. But the only time I've made any money worth talking about has been over a longer run. I've hit a home run or two but after all the big wins and big losses, I am a singles hitter and position player (position trader).

    I don't look at the project as a failure. It is simple and which is why simple takes time.

    BTC bottom could re-test new lows of $3800 and then hopefully L shape us into a new market cycle

    Also for the Dow and other markets?
    ---Looking for a low in the Dow Jones as of today based on March 17th market action 16-18k. However, I am not bottom buying but DCA my favorite ETFs/Equities for my LONG TERM PORTFOLIO.

    Submitted 2 months ago by Mark Dukas
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    Thanks for your thoughts here. 

    through this downturn I'm considering using this to reallocate my portfolio between S&P500 and BTC. In these terms, BTC loss vs S&P so perhaps a good time to "rebalance" over. But the market is super volatile. 

    given this goal, what is the best way to scale out of S&P and into BTC in this volatility? I'm not looking to swing trade. This is a long term hold. 

    thank you!

    Submitted 2 months ago by Slothvestor

    Look do I think the S&P will outperform BTC?


    But I have BTC exposure for the LONG HAUL
    I hardly have S&P exposure but am starting to now every week or two when we drop 4-6% in the VOO fund.

    At my age, and with kids, I just cannot be 100% crypto. I am majority crypto but overall my responsibly level has me having partial diversity on top of BTC.


    So for NET WORTH


    Where is your ASSET ALLOCATION?


    Thats QUESTION #1

    Submitted 2 months ago by Mark Dukas

    Mark- I've got a family as well so I get where you're coming from. 

    my allocation has been about 55%US equities (S&P 500 ETF mostly), 30% crypto, 10% gold 5% cash prior to this pullback. 

    I also believe that BTC/ETH should outperform S&P especially given the additional QE. 

    I'm selling some of my gold / S&P today into the pump and looking to pickup BTC/ETH lower from here to reallocate to more crypto. Broadly looking to understand how you would make this move if you were doing the same.


    Submitted 2 months ago by Slothvestor
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     if I were you I would have to know the #s. I just started buying the S&P (VOO) for the first time in a few years last week. So I will be buying VOO all the way down every week the rest of the year with a strategy I am currently using.

    Id need to know how much you have in retirement, how much free cash flow you have now and how much crypto

    so many variables

    also would need to know your cost avgs

     LOT TO REVIEW overall but I view it in that sense.

    Submitted 2 months ago by Mark Dukas

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