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  • Here is Why This is a HUGE WEEK - S&P 500, BTC, & Top Alts

    Submitted 2 months ago by Mark Dukas

    Discussion created for Here is Why This is a HUGE WEEK - S&P 500, BTC, & Top Alts

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    Excellent Mark. I agree about your DCA plan. Cheers.

    Submitted 2 months ago by Yuva CryptoBeliever
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    So let's say my portfolio is 40% S&P 500 and 60% cash since the ATH on the $SPY and no rebalancing since the peak. Given where we are now, is there any $SPY selling you'd undertake at this time or is it all DCA to the bottom (whenever that is)?


    If so what are your percent allocations over the next 3 months?



    Submitted 2 months ago by William Graham

    Mr. Graham - Outstanding %s on S&P coupled with your free cash flow.

    Important questions that you may want to discuss offline, however.
    1) Your Age
    2) Current Asset Holdings

    Are just the first two. If you are young enough I would NOT START SELLING NOW.
    If you have less than 10 yrs to go till retirement, it requires a lot more work on organizing a financial life I'm sure as you know.

    My situation is different from many as in 2015/16 I went ALL CASH and from there starting buying BTC so I have only held BTC and USD since 2015. I did position trade a few blue-chip companies like AAPL, JNJ, PG, WMT, CVS, SLV/GLD etf but that's just about all I traded.

    As of today I am 20% invested into the S&P with 80% of my cash flow ready for deployment and feel like my investment plan that has taken 3-4 yrs of patience is now ready to deploy and propel me into the next 25 yrs of my life.  I will be buying VOO only, and maybe 1 or 2 other equities with a 1-4% of the portfolio

    Submitted 2 months ago by Mark Dukas

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