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Trading Psychology: The Fight with FOMO

10/11/2018 08:10

“Right about now is when FOMO starts kicking in the hardest”

How does FOMO work? Imagine you have been having a really rough week of trading, and are starting to get frustrated because all of the trades you made have backfired. You scan around your watch-list for new plays and can not find anything you like, and then all of a sudden your twitter feed lights up. All your friends and the people you follow and respect on twitter are tweeting about a play and how fast it is running. All these twitter gurus are bragging about how good a call they made, and when you go to check the chart this play is looking very bullish. You think about it for a minute or two but decide to avoid it, and then you look again and it us up another 10% and now you are really wishing you paid attention...



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