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Peter Brandt: Bullish Setups for LTC and EOS

10/19/2018 09:00

Peter Brandt is back from his move with his weekly report.  Below are two potential bullish setups for LTC and EOS.  To see his full crypto report with insight on BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH & XLM and his detailed educational content, please consider subscribing. 



The crypto I could be most interested in is LTC. The daily chart is forming a possible H&S bottom with a down-slanted neckline, requiring a close above 65.60 for completion. I would definitely be a buyer if this H&S bottom is completed. However, a close below 50.04 would negate this interpretation and confirm the down status of the Factor Daily Chart Model.




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EOS/UST (Binance)


The daily chart has now taken the form of a symmetrical triangle. I love tight and well-defined patterns such as this, although I would not trade EOS from the short side. BTC (via the CME) is the only crypto that I would short, given the appropriate signal. The key levels in EOS are 4.61 and 6.31. I will buy EOS if an upside breakout occurs.



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