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Look Back Edition #2


03/04/2020 16:12

Hello traders - here's a glimpse into some of the highlights that took place in the member section at Bitcoin Live over the past several weeks. You can find successful swing trades and examples of when the analysts switched their bias to the downside as the recent exciting bull push simmered.


Jan 24 - Bob Loukas Alert

Bob went long EOS/BTC to start the new year off. He ended up closing the position out around .00052 for an approximately 20% successful profit.


Feb 1st - Mark Dukas Alert

Trader Mark Dukas alerted members to some profitable alt plays. The magenta boxes that you can see on the charts above represent the point in time when mark told members to buy. As you can see, these were successful setups across BCH, LTC, and IOTA.


Feb 5th - Dean CtheLight Alert

In the days/weeks prior to this alert, Dean put BTC, BCH/USD, ZEC/USD, and ETC/USD on the radar for members. We ultimately saw some massive moves across these coins. The profits these positions reached before Bitcoin Live traders turned defensive are as follows:

BTC +33%

BCH +127%

ZEC +130%

ETC +36%


Feb 10th - Big Cheds Alert

Analyst Big Cheds opened up a long for LINK/BTC at .00034 with an initial price target of .000375. The trade ended up going much higher than TP1 and resulted in a +40% profit on the setup.


Defense, Caution, Protection

Just as you can see we provide members with the ability to profit while trading, the main objective for analysts at Bitcoin Live is preservation of capital for subscribers. When things cool off and become bearish for the short term, the BL traders are quick to change the bias of their direction and caution members about what lies ahead.


Feb 17th - Peter Brandt Alert

Analysts across Bitcoin Live have continually noted over the past couple weeks that there is resistance being met at the $10.4k level and as we've been rejected from here, there was continued downside to be expected.


Feb 25th - Mark Dukas Alert

Mark's proprietary algorithm puts out its first directional change signal since it went long on Jan 4th (predicting a large bull move across the crypto space). Mark is clear that he's not exclaiming a trend change, but rather a cooling off period after the bull move. We end up seeing price action dip below his $9k figure to the mid $8ks.


Feb 17th - Peter Brandt Alert

Peter points out the most recent pattern that can be deciphered from the BTC chart, a rising wedge. He remarks how these typically end in a last gasp effort or bullish pop before retracing. His levels to watch for this were between $9k and $8.2k, which is exactly what we're currently witnessing with price in the middle of this anticipated range.


Where Is Crypto Headed Next?

Both Peter and Bob have recently deployed capital in recent days as they see a potential move imminent. Are they long or short? Which way do they have us going - up or down? Traders across Bitcoin Live have been discussing the formation of an inverse head and shoulders pattern. Is there still more downside in the near future to form the bottom of the right shoulder or is BTC ready to move higher and complete the pattern?


Interested in receiving these answers in real-time as the market develops? Consider a membership with Bitcoin Live.



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