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Introducing: Look Back

Bitcoin Live Admin

01/23/2020 11:16

Hello Traders,

The Look Back will serve to recap a sampling of content from the past weeks on Bitcoin Live. We’ll highlight strong calls from analysts for specific trades plus market trends on a higher level. Also included, will be any interesting notes regarding trading in general that come up along the way.

Our goal is for you to take a peak at what the analysts are working hard on for members on a daily and weekly basis. The Look Back will be a regular public item going forward, so keep your eye out for it.


Trader Mark Dukas (Twitter)

December 30th – Post: BTC $7,500 Analysis

Mark breaks down why $7.8k is such an important level with the potential for a drop to $7k if rejection, or a thrust to $9k if we break the level – which is exactly what we saw happen.



January 2nd – Alert


Trader CtheLight (Twitter)

January 2nd - Weekly Crypto Report

CtheLight discusses his thoughts across the following coins: BTC, ETC, ETH, LTC, EOS, BCH, XRP, BSV, NEO, and ZEC. He points out where he sees strength and weakness and what conditions must be met to trigger a buy.

His monthly rotation strategy that he presents weekly for members lead to long triggers for BTC, BCH, BSV, and ZEC. Currently:

+9% BTC

+53% BCH

+70% ZEC

+190% BSV


Trader Peter Brandt (Twitter)

January 6th – Alert

Peter points out that BTC price action may have just demonstrated a completed H&S bottom with room for further upside. Upside that we did indeed see.



January 13th – Alert

PLB has regularly made members aware of the 7-month bear channel that price has been in since the June highs. He shows us that we just busted out of it, for what could be of major significance going forward.


Trader Bob Loukas (Twitter)

January 7th – Alert

Bob sees enough encouraging signs and construction with BTC early in his cycles strategy, that he opens up a leveraged long trade at $7.9k.


January 13th – Weekly Cycles Report

Bob breaks down Bitcoin overall and his existing long trade – which he now gives a target for approximately $9k. The target that was met and where he took profit. He also points out that this might be our first right translated cycle since the decline began 7 months ago. Included is a primer for BTC cycles trading overall.


Note from team:

We hope that you enjoyed this installment of the Look Back. This is a free public article and therefore features past content. If you think receiving the information when it's released would make sense for you, consider trying out Bitcoin Live.

Happy trading.


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