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EOS & XLM Downtrend Breakouts Coming? - Alt Coin Trading Analysis

08/29/2018 13:30

Are EOS & XLM preparing for downtrend breakouts? Here is a sample from Mark Dukas' weekly Alt-Coin analysis.


The downtrend channel is being tested on August 29th

Often the first attempts at breaking out of these types of channels fail so it may take two or three bounces to take this out.

SmartMoney algo reading a -2.05

EOS bulls would like to see price close above $6.81.

STELLAR LUMENS – XLM (daily and weekly)

Price squeeze making higher lows and lower highs

Price is approaching the 50 SMA at .24 cents

Rising 50 SMA

This is going to break one way or the other as squeezes play out.


Some may call this a pennant on the weekly.  My job is to show you all possibilities so here is one that may play out if we turn into a bull trend.


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    Thanks Mark. What time daily closes at EST? And what day weekly closes?

    Submitted 1 year ago by Hunk

    Daily closes 8pm EST (USA), Weekly closes/starts Sunday 8pm EST (USA)


    Submitted 1 year ago by Mark Dukas

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