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Chart Battles

Bitcoin Live Support

06/02/2018 20:00


Announcing our Bitcoin Live bi-monthly Chart Battles competition. Our goal is to
build a vibrant community focused on Crypto Trading and towards that effort
we will be hosting a bi-monthly “Chart Battles” event.
If you feel you have the technical charting skills then we encourage you to
submit a chart to be critiqued and judged by our analysts.
For the inaugural Chart Battle, it will be open to ALL, no membership is required.
You have the opportunity to present any Cryptocurrency based chart for a
chance to win a free Founding Membership and a “Chart Battles Winners
Badge”. The badge will be attached to your profile and you will be recognized
as a Chart Battles winner throughout our forum/website.


• Submit any recent chart showing a Crypto Currency based trade idea
that you see as an opportunity ahead. The opportunity might be on any
• The chart needs to tell a story and inform the viewer on what the
opportunity is.

• The chart could be fundamentals or technical analysis based.
• You should annotate the chart clearly to tell the story. You should provide
a bullet point description to accompany the chart or we would also
welcome short video submissions (less than 90 seconds in length) as


On June 12th (time to be confirmed) we will be hosting a Chart Battles event
where some of our Analysts will collectively discuss the four to eight best chart
submissions live on air. Each analyst will provide commentary and a score from
1 to 10 for each entry. Yes, we plan to have a lot of fun with this, so don’t
submit if you’re easily offended. 😊😊 All finalists receive a surprise too.
The winner will be the chart that receives the highest combined scores from our
participating analysts.


Please send your images, documents and/or videos to
by no later than June 10th for consideration.

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