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Bitcoin Live Community Update, October 1st, 2018

Joe Begonis

10/01/2018 18:39

Bitcoin.Live Community Spotlight


Each week we want to shine a spotlight on the great things going on in the Bitcoin Live Community. It could be something we want to celebrate, upcoming news for the site, an ‘In case you missed it,’ or a great post in the forums; this is a community built on positivity. 


In Case You Missed It:

Credible Crypto made his Bitcoin Live Debut! We want to thank him for a terrific article and look forward to more insightful content going forward. https://bitcoin.live/blog/guest-post-why-we-havent-hit-the-btc-bottom-and-spotting-an-entry-signal

Following on that, we have a few more wonderful analysts who will be making their debut on Bitcoin live in the next two weeks and we believe you will enjoy their perspectives & educational content.

Also!  Mark Dukas wrote about how to trade on Binance & Bittrex.  I know that anyone entering the crypto space will learn a lot regarding the features on each exchange. https://bitcoin.live/blog/how-to-trade-on-binance

As a follow up to that, one of our analysts is actively working on how to trade on BitMex.  We will cover how to trade short and on margin.


Terminology Terminal:

(Each week I’ll be providing relevant trading definitions, phrases & concepts to help you gain better insight from the analysts and make sound decisions.)

Price Action: Price Action is as much art as it is science. It is about reading the price change of an asset in relation to prior candlestick movements and how it relates to support and resistance. While it is often described as a form of technical analysis, it really is a skill in-and-of itself.

Exponential Moving Average:  The exponential moving average places a greater emphasis on the recent price movements of an asset.  For example, the 9 Day EMA puts more weight on the 8th and 9th days in the average in relation to the movement of price. It is very reactive to price movements and traders who like to employ price action as a primary strategy often use it for spotting ideal entries.


Upcoming Updates:

I want to keep everyone informed of the changes to the site. We are constantly evolving the site and tackling issues as fast as possible.  This section will also be used to provide a schedule for upcoming events or content we think you should see.

Most of you probably received an email regarding some updates to the site.  This is Bitcoin Live 2.0.  We have some new developers on staff and our Education Tab is nearing completion. It will be unveiled in October.  Not only will we organize our educational content in an intuitive way, we will be adding come unique insights there as well.  This will include Crypto specific articles and advice for becoming the best trader you can.  By that I mean, guides for becoming a full-time trader, how to responsibly budget your money and health & wellness insights.

On to another feature. We mentioned a “Global Alerts” feature.  We know that sharing trading ideas is part of the fun of being a trader. That’s what we are going to do. What does that mean? You’ll see :)

The rest of the updates are fairly self-explanatory and definitely in line with making it easier for you to get the most out of the content we provide.

Bitcoin Live Analyst's World Travels:

This past month, the team made their way towards Petra as they seek to find inspiration from the historical wealth of the world. 


Out of curiosity:

What exchanges do you all primarily trade crypto on?

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    Binance, bitfinex but I am considering bitstamp since bitfinex has been very shady. Also a little bit on Bittrex and Hitbitc.

    Submitted 7 months ago by Mowgliasia

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