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Bitcoin Live Analysts on Top of the Rally

Joe Begonis

12/20/2018 16:19


Hello everyone,

I know 2018 has been a tough bear market for everyone who loves crypto.  This week we are being treated to an end of year rally.  Our analysts were right there with chart analysis showcasing where this rally could be headed.  Peter Brandt, Dean, Bob Loukas and Haejin Lee all utilize different styles of technical analysis, but their years of experience showed that their could be some muscle behind this rally.  

Here is a sample from each of their work this week on Bitcoin Live.


Bob Loukas

Alert from Bob

Haejin Lee


Alert from Haejin



Actionable alerts from Dean


Peter Brandt


The [above] are two charts sent [Dec 16] with the comment that BTC could be setting up for a strong counter-trend rally -- and that the chart structure could be consistent with a long position. The third chart shows the price roll-up in more detail on the 1-hour chart. I am NOT NOT NOT recommending trading operations based on intraday charts unless they connect with a larger story from a daily chart. Notice on the 60-minute graph how price drifted through the upper boundary of the larger wedge and traded sideways for five hours before trading through the right shoulder high at 3257. I covered my CME short position accordingly. This small H&S bottom pattern has already met its target. Intermediate term BTC could rally toward the high pivot points of 3642 and 4414 within the falling wedge, although this is not a prediction, especially the 4414 pivot.



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