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A Taste of Bitcoin Live - Week of 9/21

Joe Begonis

09/21/2018 09:23

A Taste of Bitcoin Live – Weekly Recap 9/21

Welcome to Bitcoin Live.  Step right up and take a taste of what we offer interested cryptocurrency traders. Our priority is to offer the education and tools you need to become the best trader you can be.



We provide real-time alerts on Bitcoin Live.  They are both actionable and informative, while letting you know what positions the analysts are taking as the market moves. 

(NOTE: The time at which alerts were published may no longer be actionable. They are what subscribers get in real time)


Content Sampler

Dean of C The Light Trading released his latest Masterclass video.  He talks about the emotions any serious trader must be aware of. The next video in the series will talk about how to discipline yourself from these emotions.

Stay up to date with Bitcoin Price movements from Master Elliot Wave Technician Haejin.  His primary count is maintaining a steady target for at least $5200, but what of Alt-coins like Monero? (From September 20)

“Check out XMR (Monero)! The MACD weekly is actually crossed and thus a buy signal has been generated! So, yes, some Altcoins could be a bit ahead of Bitcoin since the correlation is not a 1:1 lock step. “


Thank you for taking the time to read "A Taste of Bitcoin Live." We appreciate your interest in becoming an excellent cryptocurrency trader and would like to enhance your skills & knowledge.  You are encouraged to sign up for a membership with Bitcoin Live where you will gain access to a team of over six mentors with a variety of skills and over 100 years of trading experience. Click below and your education will begin.





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