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Feb 18 2019, 10:51
Bitcoin Cash is trying to break out from a long consolidation. This is a good setup as the risk is at the lows of the past few days and we know Bcash can really "pump" when it gets going. I'm long this.

Feb 18 2019, 10:04
BTC making higher highs this late strongly suggests that a new Cycle is in play. Very high chance we're on Day 11 now, so I am back long with a stop at the $3,520 level. This would be a position designed for 10-20 trading days if the cycle does manage to continue higher.

Feb 18 2019, 09:12
BTC Factor Daily Trend Model has turned up Accordingly I have committed another 16% of the capital from my long-term BTC program into an ownership position. The Factor Daily Chart Model is turning up. This represents another 16% of the capital in my long-term BTC program. The Factor Chart Model capital is the only portion of capital in my long-term program that I presently consider moving into other crypto units. Accordingly I have made a purchase of ETH with the BTC Daily Chart Model allocation. Today's close will be extremely important (I use the UTC time and day). ETH strength is spreading to other crypto units. EOS has completed a rectangle pattern pending a confirming close. XRP is closing above the trendline I have cited on numerous occasions. I do not trust the chart construction of XRP but cannot argue with the price action. BCH is attempting to completed a H&S bottom. Repeat -- how these coins close at the end of the day will be important. ### plb



Feb 17 2019, 17:58
ETH and BCH take on some leadership My overall opinion on cryptos has not changed. Yet, I know some of you are much shorter term than am I. I have commented on the leadership role provided by LTC in since mid Dec. BCH and ETH are joining LTC. BCH could be forming a small H&S bottom pattern. A completion of this pattern would imply an advance back to 159. The advance taking place in ETH should be noted. The advance on Feb 8 and now today indicate strong demand off the retest of the Dec lows. ETH could well become the leading horse in the weeks ahead. ### plb


Feb 17 2019, 09:57
STEEM Trade Update: As shown in the first chart, two rungs were filled ($0.326 & $0.310) for an average entry price of $0.318. The second chart shows three Inverted H&S fractals that occurred prior to a run up. The current Inverted H&S can also be coupled to a potential Cup & Handle formation. Target price is $0.54; Stop is at $0.27.


Feb 16 2019, 22:07
$ZRX 12 hour - Setting up for a bounce with bullish divergence and Heikin Ashi suggesting trend change - Entry here, SL on close below 6260, Target 7028

Feb 16 2019, 14:34
Bitcoin (BTC) Update: Chart #1 is long term trend follower and thus "Investor Scale"; has not generate any buy signal. Chart #2 is the Primary Count and gives room for the bull flag to break out and place the red Y. Chart #3 is the Alternate Count showing that blue 3 is in progress.


Feb 15 2019, 21:40
$ZIL 12 hour - Perhaps a bit early but I think worth a shot here - We see the MA's flattening out as well as some minor bullish divergence on all 4 oscillators as the candles hint at support - Entry here, SL on close below 460 - Target 515

Feb 15 2019, 09:53
Follow up to yesterday's Monero alert. So we've seen a decent move higher off those lows. Therefore, I'm risking being stopped out early and moving my stop up to break-even. My goal is to always and rapidly move my stops (if I can) to break-even. My primary concern is first always with protecting capital. I want the fewest amount of losing trades and when i lose on a trade I want it to be minimal. Over time this strategy will keep your balance in check and allow you to then profit from the trades that really excel. And you won't be playing defense or afraid to allow a position to run higher. Chart shows stop and first profit target where I would take 50% off. Member report to come out later today.

Feb 15 2019, 09:52
STEEM Trade Setup: Price sequence has probably started to put in the Z wave of the WXYXZ triple combination. The megaphone pattern shows a potential to reach towards $0.54 area. An Inverted H&S gives attraction to this long position setup. Rungs and Stop level are inscribed on the chart.

Feb 14 2019, 18:33
$STEEM 12 hour - Looks poised for a bounce, with accelerating buy volume and BB pinch, OBV strength and cool osscilators. Entry here with SL on close below 778 - Target 898

Feb 14 2019, 14:18
I've been watching Monero break higher this past week. Today it pulled back below the 10-day moving average and to the original breakout triangle. Not exactly a super high conviction or Cycle's based trade, but this could be a retest before reversing higher again. I've taken a shot at a Long Monero $XMR position and I will use 0.01250 BTC as my Stop. That stop is just 2.6% lower, so it affords a reasonably sized position when risking only 0.5% of capital on the trade.

Feb 13 2019, 19:22
$MTH 12 hour - BB's very tight as OBV remains strong with price showing higher lows - Entry here with SL on close below 448 - Target 508

Feb 10 2019, 19:03
$XLM 12 hour - Volume candles show accumulation even as the price has not established a low. Bullish divergence suggests it will form a bottom and bounce. Entry here, SL on close below 2080 - Target 2418

Feb 08 2019, 11:54
$XMR 1/2 triggered and strong response so far